Job Title : Software QA Engineer

Job Location : Bellevue & Atlanta

Open Skills :

Key Responsibilities of a Software QA Engineer:

    Communicate with business users to understand specific End to End system requirements and also collaborate with others to determine system specifications

  • Recommend changes to improve systems and participate in design concepts working sessions.
  • Document design specifications, System design models and support quality Engineering teams.
  • Complete requirements  design models and simulations, using manual or automated tools, to analyze  Systems quality engineering coverage , system performance under different operating conditions.
  • Provide technical guidance or support for the development teams, troubleshooting of systems and systems maintenance.
  • Research, test, or verify proper functioning of software patches and fixes.
  • Prepare analytical reports and Communicate project information through presentations
  • Engage in project planning to identify test automation opportunities and promote its usage.
  • Day to Day interactions with Clients and Projects stakeholders.
  • Understand systems data and build Scripts  to validate small to extremely large scale data volumes on a range of different databases like Oracle, MySQL, mongo, Cassandra.
  • Document Business Processes, workflows and QA results of End to End Systems and obtains sign-off from client on the specifications, provides the necessary technical artifacts and assertive  QA exit criteria.
  • Design and Code automation scripts, framework to monitor system operation to detect potential problems.
  • Maintain the source code under central repository (bit bucket) with the help of source version control tool (GIT).