SilverSoft Global Solutions is a full-service IT consulting and staffing company serving corporate clients nationwide. We provide staff augmentation, contract, and contract-to-hire IT professionals.

At SilverSoft Global Solutions matching the right person with the right job has been our passion. Finding the right candidate or the right job can be a daunting task. Let SilverSoft Global Solutions make the process simple and efficient. Our network of recruiters and staffing experts get superior results by focusing within their areas of expertise—providing contract, contract-to-hire or direct-hire talent in the following areas:

Our depth of experience and access to a talent pool that's considered one of the best in the industry ensures that our clients get the results they demand. Talent pool comprises of the resumes that are posted by individuals to our own site, referrals from our employees and our clients and some networking.

SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC is dedicated to helping our employees through the complicated array of rules and regulations with the U.S Immigration Services. At SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC, we provide candidates who are currently on a H1B visa and looking for an employer who can support them at all time with regards to immigration as well as amazing jobs opportunities anywhere within the United States. We have multiple IT consultants nationwide and steadily growing with respective area’s and ability to continue the momentum.


SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC, always sponsor H1b work visa’s and H1b visa transfers for qualified individual’s talented people. SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC will help answer questions with regards to H1b work visa requirements. SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC take time to explain the process and stages involved in getting a H1b work permit visa and H1b visa transfer or other work permits depending on the origin of the prospective employees to our prospective and current employees.

NEW H1’S :

At SilverSoft Global Solutions Solutions, we help with H1b visa transfers from other employers to SilverSoft Global Solutions. Our IT consulting team of experts and lawyers/attorney’s will help make this process very crystal clear and transparent to our prospective and current employees, with high successful rate and excellent prospective. We also file Green Cards for all our H1B employees, based on the individual priority’s.


At SilverSoft Global Solutions  we help with H1b visa transfers from other employers to our organization. Our IT consulting team of experts and lawyers will help the employees to make this process very smooth and transparent with out communication gaps to our prospective and current talented employees those who are seeking for brighter opportunities.


At SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC policy is to make sure all LCA’s and Amendments are filed on time and we will provide copies to our employees. Our lawyers work diligently towards providing the best staffing service to our employees and cover all possible gaps with respect to current visa rules and regulations.


At SilverSoft Global Solutions LLC we sponsor H1B work visa’s for eligible OPT and CPT candidates provided their experience match our client needs.