Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions integrate key business and management processes, providing a high-level view to an organization's business. ERP integrates fragmented business operations, often replacing multiplicity of legacy systems in the process.

The ERP opportunity for an organization lies in a fundamental change in business operations focussed on the guts of an enterprise: channel management, supply chain optimization, demand forecasting and other operations that can maximize customer service levels, minimize inventory levels and control other costs. These “guts” applications can be dramatically changed by examining overall business processes, rethinking organizational authority and responsibilities, and selecting and implementing appropriate ERP applications to focus on these areas.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are often the backbone of organizations, facilitating the flow of business transactions. Besides providing the core processing that large, complex enterprises often require, ERP systems can be the launch pad for strategic initiatives, such as e-business and B2B commerce.

SilverSoft Global Solutions has expertise in using leading ERP solutions, including SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle. Furthermore, with experience in related applications, ranging from CRM to business intelligence, and supply chain management to e-business, SilverSoft Global Solutions helps organizations derive maximum value from ERP projects. SilverSoft Global Solutions ERP services encompass:

  • Gap Analysis and Business Process Re-engineering;
  • Implementation;
  • Post-implementation support;
  • Functional and technical consulting;
  • Version upgrades
  • Integration with legacy applications; and
  • Web enabling and mobile computing solutions

Because results may vary and end in unexpected outcomes, ERP/CRM initiatives must be carefully planned, implemented and monitored. SilverSoft Global Solutions not only understands ERP/CRM technology solutions, it also is capable of designing business and customer strategies that allow companies to achieve their goals through increased sales, decreased costs, and improved customer relations and retention.